On-line Training

We offer:
~ e-learning design & development
~ customised development in short
   time frames
~ on-line courses available
~ engaging strategies
~ the use our LMS or use your own
~ mobile friendly

Digital Resources

We offer:
~ instant download
~ ability to customise resources 
~ customised development in short
   time frames
~ high quality together with suitable 
   educational pedagogy for the client
~ co-logo with your  organisation.


We offer the following freebies:
~ Training & Assessment template
~ Job Description Template
~ Trainers Matrix
~ Mapping table Template
~ Policy and Procedures Template
~ some free courses- go to our shop


Unit 2,12 Mumford Place
Balcatta WA 6112


Email: bronwyn@vetis.net.au
Phone: +0421353539

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